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This example application is configured with several pages requiring different levels of access. This page does not require the user to be logged in. Use the tabs in the navbar above to navigate to pages with different access requirements.

  • User, requires the user to be logged in with the ROLE_USER Spring Security authority.
  • Admin, requires the user to be logged in with the ROLE_ADMIN Spring Security authority. See below for the currently configured list of admin accounts.
  • Log in, log in directly and return to this page.

Client Filter Configuration

This authorization filter for this client has been configured with the following components:

  • Issuer service: HybridIssuerService
  • Server configuration service: HybridServerConfigurationService
  • Client configuration service: HybridClientConfigurationService
  • Auth request options service: StaticAuthRequestOptionsService
  • Auth request URI builder: PlainAuthRequestUrlBuilder


Logged in users are assigned the ROLE_USER authority by default, but the following users (identified by issuer/subject pairs) will also be given ROLE_ADMIN:

Issuer Subject
https://mitreid.org/ 90342.ASDFJWFA